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What?_Another blog?_

Almost as though I had too much stuff for just one blog . . .


NetSysHax blog with Wireshark header image

NetSysHax is a blog that was established to offer technical stories and solutions that seem relevant. Alex & I work together during our day jobs, but we both like to offer consulting services when those opportunities arrive. We like to share technical insight and solutions, especially when most problems only need the right tools to become a success story.
Self Promotion needs to be a success story too.

I need to post more stuff on the NetSysHax blog, as well as on this one, my RadioActive site. So bear with me as I work on both in parallel (with appropriate cross-links).
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HI Juno

This looks like a good time about to happen
The activity will begin at 18:00 UTC on October 9, 2013
and continue until 20:40 UTC using 28.2 MHz +/-_x_ (see their web site)

HI Juno

This should be fun.

Digital Satellite Ops reference

It has not been recently that I have posted anything particularly relevant to ham radio. I don’t find as much time lately to play with the radios either.
I do however, try to follow several special-interest groups that have internet email distribution lists. Overnight I received an email item from VE6MVP, referencing a research project I have not heard of : Shadow-beacon. In particular, Tony was looking for additional reference on digital operations via satellite. The Shadow-beacon project intends to utilize the APRS infrastructure that is already in place and operational on the International Space Station (as well all over the planet surface via the Internet).

With this in mind I thought I would create a simple page, that provides linkage to several resources that I use on a regular basis. There are surely lots of additional pages that are just as relevant, perhaps you will post some of your favorites in the comment section below. Aside from having equipment setup to operate APRS digital, we need to know what satellites are available, and when and where to listen. Hopefully these links will help answer some questions you may have.
(Radio Amateur Satellite NA home)


Heavens-Above logoHeavens-Above
(live satellite/astronomy positions)H_coax

APRS from FindU

ARISS / PCsat (APRS via ISS : real-time)  (basically same as the one above)
(APRS via Pcsat : real-time)H_coax

(ARISS status)H_coax
Orbitron - stoff.plOrbitron
(tracking software)H_coax

(UISS software)H_coax

DK3WNDK3WN (Sat Blog)
(Satellite info)H_coax

(multi-satellite status)


shadow-beacon homeShadow-beacon
(space plasma shadow’ experiment)H_coaxEnjoy  – -|||   |||- -

P.S. Please submit additional relevant links via the comment section below….

Publish This Book

I don’t frequently make such an endorsement on my blog.
This is a unique situation tho, and I felt a call to action . . .
There is a limited time to respond, or this won’t happen. This is a once-in-a -lifetime opportunity to be a part of such a unique project. Only here, only now.

My friend Earl Carter is preparing to publish a book, but this is more than a book of pictures. Earl has an ability to capture so much more than just light. He knows the people in his photographs, and they invite him into their soul through their eyes. This remarkable presence is more than photography; you learn so much about these people by looking at these pictures, as if you were there…..


Samples of Earl Carter’s Photography

These photos are copyright by Earl Carter,
Earl has been a photojournalist for the last 45 years, working at the Miami Herald, the Huntsville (AL) Times, and the Kingsport (TN) Times-News. This will become a valued collector’s piece, but not unless the funding is secured through this unique channel. I’ll let Earl explain it via his KickStarter website.

Please feel free to re-post, like, re-tweet – somehow tell all your friends; get the word out now. We only have until Sept. 8th, 2012 to gather enough pledges to get this published. This is a simple process, and a clever way to make this happen. With enough support this will become a reality.

You can get a preview of “The Appalachian Album“, and look back over some of the material that Earl has been collecting.
You don’t even need to  tell him that I sent you, just go do it.

Thanks  /;^)