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even more header images

So the next phase, was to get more of this new batch of pics into header image format, and into the rotation on the blog here. Next I want to make a gallery page on the blog, as well as some calendars. These were all taken in about a 2 hr span along the Blue Ridge Parkway, traveling south from Asheville, NC.


more new header images

I’ve just added some new header images into the rotation at the top.
These were taken Labor Day Holiday,
on the Blue Ridge Parkway near Asheville, NC.
I’ll try to post more of these pics into a gallery soon.


summer showers, Blue Ridge Parkway

Swan Creek

This was originally posted to Facebook, knowing that more of Shelby’s friends and relatives would find it there before they would find it on my blog.

So proud of Shelby, she has recently been demonstrating so much maturity and responsibility… if I coulda been half of who she is gonna be……. /;^) You Go Girl.

We spent some time this afternoon at the Swan Creek shooting range, brushing up on firearm and range safety. Had some lunch too.. She has a good eye, and a steady hand. Little girlz’a growin up. Makes a Daddy proud, to see her so confident .!. /;^) — with Shelby Anne Sieg.

We appreciate all the FB friends that have LIKEd and COMMENTd on the post.
Thanks  /;^)

Ham Radio Day 2013

A little bit earlier this year (Mar.16), and the weather should be great .!.


HR Day at GigaParts in Huntsville AL

This is a fun event, and a great opportunity for folks to learn more about this hobby. Doesn’t matter if you are newly-licensed, un-licensed, or an Old-Timer like me . . . something for everyone. Vendors, product demos, show&tell – I really appreciate GigaParts for hosting such an event. I plan to be there again to demonstrate my Subaru-deployable EmComm station. Last year I had HF and VHF radio, with simple quick antenna setups. This year I’m hoping to demo a portable VHF Winlink2000 email gateway. I’ll offer assistance and tips on how to configure your RMS-Express clients to use this service.
Sounds like a party .!. (here are a couple of pics from last year…)


Subaru Field Station WB5RMG @ GigaParts 2012


Subaru Field Station WB5RMG w/ HF & VHF & APRS & PSK31 /;^)