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2014 June VHF QSO Party

This appears to be shaping up with fairly good conditions on 6 meters, but then I am still kinda new on 6. There have been plenty of times before that I didn’t hear much. For sure I am hearing a lot more now than can hear me, but I only have 100 watts, and a home brew Squalo. I have made about 40 contacts on 6 m so far. Maybe I can get a good pic of the antennas later.


Trying to be heard in Colorado.

I use the very helpful DXmap real-time updates from Continue reading

2013 Field Day

I shouldn’t be sittin here messin with computer stuff ..!..
It is about to be Field Day 2013 http://arrl.org/field-day

Listen for us on WA4NZD, from NASA’s MSFC in Huntsville, AL.

Contest Award

Can’t argue with success, at least that’s what I’ve always heard. I found an unexpected envelope from the ARRL in the mailbox yesterday. It is time to renew, but they generally send those reminders with bulk mail – this was a First Class envelope – Do Not Bend ! Come to find out it is a Contest Award : Single Op Low Power, Alabama Section, 2009 ARRL June VHF QSO Party = Winner ! 222 MHz… Must have been Continue reading

Seen any Red Balloons ?

This is not an alien invasion, but it could be……

darpa balloons

DARPA Network Challenge balloons are ready

In celebration of the Internet’s 40th anniversary, DARPA has initiated the DARPA NEtwork Challenge. All we gotta do is find these 10 red balloons – the catch is that they could be anywhere in the continental US. Our secret weapon is the internet and our ability to communicate and coordinate. One of our Amateur Radio High Altitude Balloon (ARHAB) groups has registered a team, and is actively soliciting your reports. Find out more details about the Balloonatics via Bill Brown’s website http://www.wb8elk.com. You can submit a report to the Balloonatics group by sending your report to redballoonchallenge@gmail.com … (of course you need to include Longitude and Latitude, and a photo if possible).
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