Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is the obligatory first post for WB5RMG‘s WordPress testing facility. This blog is a new addition to the historical wb5rmg.somenet.net website that was started in 1998.

Hopefully now and then I can take a few minutes away from all the stuff I’m usually messin with, to post something interesting or relevant to my ham radio activities. Here I will also try out and evaluate various themes, plugins, and other options . . . Someday I may break some part of the site by testing like this, but it’s all in the spirit of experimentation and exploration that helps make ham radio the adventure that it is. You can also follow my Twitter updates from this site.

You might also want to check in on the www.somenet.net site for other adventures and commentary. That is my original blog, before the ham radio split off into this site. Save a bookmark or two – and Yall come back now, Y`hear !

Thanks  /;^)


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