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Least we forget this site’s humble beginnings, I’ll post a link early on to the original website. With these modern widgets and features, I don’t even have to post a pic of what the site looks like – cause now you can hover the mouse pointer over a link, and get a preview pic – izzat cool or what ?

I will still use the old site for detail pages, and stuff that requires keyboard command-line hacking – all the old stuff is still there… raw html pages – some created with VI editor, others by KompoZer. This is basically just to give the ham-radio stuff it’s own blog forum. My other SomeNet Blog will still be there as well – whether it is a self-installed WordPress, or on – just with less ham-radio stuff.

It will be a bit of a challenge, learning to use the reduced feature set available on this shared server. Most of the tools work the same, and the newer versions have more built-in features – so hopefully I’ll need less of the custom hacks that I used to rely on. I’ll really miss the random-rotation feature I had worked up for the header image tho, but this one combines many elements in an attempt to touch on the many different subjects. I probably will not try to bring over old content, so that I can focus on moving forward. Please check either of the two earlier mentioned SomeNet sites for anything published before May 2009.

Thanks /;^)


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