N8DEU prompts APRS explosion

After the EF-2 tornado plowed across Madison Alabama early in the day of May 6th 2009, Tim Cunningham – N8DEU thought it a good time to showcase the power of using APRS for situational awareness – this time using real-world events that were still fresh on our minds. Tim is internationally recognized for his enthusiasm and implementation of packet networks since the early days of AX25, including satellite gateways. The Huntsville area has long received benefit from Tim’s hard work in establishing this infrastructure. Once upon a time the amateur station at our EOC had an active APRS connection, but times do change.

Tim was working from home that day, and saved several screen-captures to build a presentation to help illustrate the power of APRS in such a tactical event. We had the pleasure of his live descriptive narration as this was presented to our local ARES/RACES group the following week.

The Power of APRS

click for Tim's APRS presentation

Tim followed up with links on his website with additional start-up guidance for first time APRS users, and over the last few weeks we have had at least a dozen new stations exploding onto the map !

Our plans locally include re-activating the APRS interface at our Huntsville-Madison County EMA’s EOC – W4HMC, as well as a new setup at the Huntsville NWS Forecast Office – WX4HUN. The additional situational awareness that APRS brings into the game – can be a valuable asset during many other activations as well. Follow along with a map like this : (from http://aprs.fi) Thank You again Tim…

Thanks /;^)


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