Satellite Status

If I called this “Instant Satellite Status“, someone would say – ‘not quite’.

So ‘nearly instant’ is more accurate. This web site had gone undetected by me, but definitely fills a need. There are so many different satellites now in orbit, specifically ham-radio related, that it takes some effort to keep up with not only where they are, when they come around, and what frequencies they use . . . let alone whether or not it is still functioning. Enter David Carr – KD5QGR, and Bob Bruninga – WB4APR and this little web application.

Amateur Radio Satellite Status Display

Amateur Radio Satellite Status Display

This is a snapshot from their Satellite Status Page,

Here users complete a quick form indicating which satellite, which mode, and what time they just heard or made contact thru a particular satellite. The information is quickly compiled and presented so that the rest of us can keep aware of mode changes, or service outages easily. No more guessing or wondering if your radio has a problem. There is even an indication to select if you did NOT hear it when you expected to… Of course, the more we use it, the more meaningful the information will be.

Good job guys !! This should prove useful.
(I posted this previously on my old site, but thought it worth repeating here)



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