SomeNet announces RadioActive Blog

The temptation was too great. It is not so often that I get to post a screenshot from one of my websites that shows a screenshot from yet another of my websites, introducing this website . . .

picture of a picture ?

picture of a picture ?

Pardon my indulgence – I know it’s a little weird. You can review some of the SomeNet.NET website history and find previous WB5RMG pages on the old html-edited site


2 responses to “SomeNet announces RadioActive Blog

  1. Travis, KE3Y

    ‘ello, Guv’nah. Very, very nice-looking site all around — a really attractive banner at the top, done it looks like by a graphics artist. Am pleased to read you returned OK from New Mexico and that you got the new Yaesu for the new(?) truck. And I want you to know my Weller soldering iron dates back to the 1960’s. Beat that!

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