Update On Business Communications

One of the blogs I follow, with particularly valuable EmComm insight, is by N5FDL… an Emergency Coordinator in California. Previously on his site I had read some discussion around the FCC regulations regarding use of ham radio for ‘conducting business’, specifically by those whose business may be emergency communications. David’s most recent post caught my attention, and is echoed here.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009 at 06:09AM

I have today, following a discussion with the FCC concerning interpretation of the 97.113 prohibition of business communication using Amateur Radio, removed my earlier comments on the subject. My new understanding is that the Commission interprets this prohibition very broadly—more so than I could have imagined.

My recommendation is that people whose job it is to provide emergency services should not use Amateur Radio even to discuss how Amateur Radio can provide those services.

I do not believe this interpretation best serves the public interest, but as FCC licensees we are bound to follow the guidance I have received. I will discuss this in a future post.

Meanwhile, I am also preparing a Rule Making Petition to carve out a small exception that would allow licensed hams who are also public safety workers to use Amateur Radio to promote safety and the public good.

This topic will need to be followed closely…
Hopefully this is a matter of interpretation and can be easily dealt with.
I’ll be watching David’s site for his updates.


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