Watch ISS fly over tonite !

If it is dark enough, and if it doesn’t get too cloudy.
This should be a good opportunity to watch the ISS fly over tonite.

Our Space Station in orbit

Our Space Station in orbit

For North Alabama :
It should show up at 8:08 pm (CDT) looking SouthWest. Getting higher.
Then by 8:11 it should be nearly overhead(64 degree), to the NorthWest.
By 8:14 it will be going down, towards the NorthEast.
Even if is still cloudy, watch in between the clouds.
It will be the brightest object that you can find, and moving fairly fast.
(The only one you will find thats moving 17,500 miles per hour.)

Enjoy /;^)


4 responses to “Watch ISS fly over tonite !

  1. Too bad it wasn’t a little darker.
    I had broken clouds to the west, but had high hopes. It was clearer overhead, and to the northwest, but we didn’t see anything.
    Recently the visible ISS passes have been at 3:30 and 4am – so I’ve been missing them. As fall approaches we should have more opportunities in the evening. Stay tuned, as this thing is bigger than ever before – and should be really bright.

  2. Alan,

    Thanks. We walked out of the club meeting and watched it. It was the first time for many. I made it back to town in time to attend and speak about Dieter at Old Timers night. It was a last minute thing…

    Tim – N8DEU

  3. We watched. It is so much fun. It would be great if we have a telescope.

  4. montra---trimek---pig----thailand----


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