Castor, Pollux + BEVO-1

This bulletin from our AMSAT Area Coordinator:

Three payloads, Pollux, Castor and BEVO-1, have been deployed from the Space Shuttle today using Amateur Radio frequencies. Tune in and see if you can hear and/or decode them.

The two ANDE satellites (Castor and Pollux) have been deployed from the Space Shuttle now that it has separated from the ISS.

Both satellites will be transmitting on 145.825 MHz. Castor will transmit telemetry every 30 seconds. Pollux every 33 seconds.

Both are transmitting 1200 baud AX.25 packet Telemetry.

Most of the info is on the website:

The Pollux/Castor ANDE satellites are made mostly of parts from Digikey.

The following processors are flying:

Pollux: 1 – Atmega168, 3 – Atmega168
Castor: 1 – LPC2106, 2 – Atmega168, IGLOO FPGA AGL125, Atmega128

Sensors are gyroscopes from Melexis and Analog Devices. Magnetometer is the PNI Micro mag 3-axis unit.

The radio transmitter in the satellites are based on this module.

BEVO-1 is also being deployed by the shuttle, freq 437.325 MHz, details at

Tim Cunningham – N8DEU
AMSAT Area Coordinator


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