AMSAT @ Huntsville Hamfest

Huntsville Hamfest 2009 has come and gone, but the memories linger.

WB5RMG & N8DEU representing AMSAT

WB5RMG & N8DEU representing AMSAT

In preparation for the hamfest Tim – N8DEU had requested a box from AMSAT Headquarters and we were well supplied with books, CDs, hats + shirts. Of course a big banner helps attract even folks that are not already AMSAT fans. We collected a few renewals, and sold most of what we had the first day – but the fun part for me is talking to everyone . . . We tell stories, answer questions, and make plans for future projects and activities.
Shelby Sieg & Alan Biddle - WA4SCA also helped

Shelby Sieg & Alan Biddle - WA4SCA also helped

Alan – WA4SCA was down from Nashville to help out, as well as my daughter Shelby. There were times all 4 of us were actively engaged with people crowding around the table. Tim also presented two forums, one on satellite operations with handheld equipment, and another one on APRS. There was a steady stream of presentations in each of the six forum rooms all day Saturday. If you missed this hamfest this year, make your plans now to attend next year.
Andrew Koenig - KE5GDB : YHOTY

Andrew Koenig - KE5GDB : YHOTY

Our guest celebrity this year was Andrew Koenig – KE5GDB, recipient of the 2009 Young Ham Of The Year Award. He is active on satellite and you may have followed his discussions on the AMSAT-BB email reflector, or seen his website … He spent some time visiting with us before stopping to visit with Ted Randall – WB8PUM in the next booth. During Andrew’s interview on Ted’s QSO radio show, he answered many questions about AMSAT and really did a great job promoting the many aspects of this fascinating hobby.
KE5GDB on the "QSO" radio show
I hope everyone else had as good a time at the Huntsville Hamfest as I did, even better if possible. I really enjoy discussing the variety of interests, and how we can tie all these pieces together : balloon tracking telemetry, VHF/UHF antenna design, orbital dynamics, circuit design and brute-force fabrication of hardware… All these disciplines come together and make us all proud to be called a HAM. And to be associated with AMSAT just puts icing on the cake, as these folks have a passion that just makes stuff work – in orbit no less…
73 for now /;^)


4 responses to “AMSAT @ Huntsville Hamfest

  1. Thanks for the writeup and the photos. You were mentioned in the hamfest article in the Sunday paper.

  2. I saw that, and meant to include that URL in the blog post. Here is my reference via Twitter to that article in the Huntsville Times :::

    Huntsville Times quotes WB5RMG @AMSAT Booth from #hsvhamfest ; Nice article – Thanks Ken ! Come back anytime /;^)

  3. Hi Alan,

    Great to tag up with you at the Hamfest. Hope we can indeed get the Marshall Radio Club radio-active again! 73.

  4. Mike Wechsler

    Wish I could have been there for the hamfest, perhaps next year I won’t have family visiting from the UK.
    Your amsat passion rubs off on others, me included, keep that smile and handshake going, you are a good PR man. Looks like you got Shelby part of the team.
    Thanks for all your enthusiasm and encouragement.
    Mike Wechsler N4OFA

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