VHF propagation

More than high-power, more than big antennas, more than tall towers – what I likes is some good VHF propagation… I’ve been hearing some distant repeaters during the morning drive this last week, and had hopes to catch me some decent signals during a good band opening. This weekend the propagation indicator map (you can see the current image below, on the right) had some good red paint over the south eastern US. I don’t know if the big HF contest event had folks distracted, or as Craig – K4XR suggested – a microwave conference in Texas; but there sure weren’t many folks on 144.200 this weekend…

I did catch one good contact Sunday evening tho; about 0150Z I worked Clayton – W4KVW in EM80, just west of Jacksonville, Florida. That distance is ~406 miles. I always like to point out that I’m only running 30 watts, with an omni-directional antenna in the attic. Shortly after that I heard Jimmy – W4ZRZ working Drew – KO4MA (also in Florida), but I couldn’t hear Drew… Maybe we’ll have some more good conditions like this before the winter cold settles in. These big cold fronts really spice up the bands.

Good VHF conditions for southeast US this weekend.

Good VHF conditions for southeast US this weekend.

This is a piece of the map I grabbed showing where the conditions were enhanced at the time we made that contact. Thanks NG0E (his system makes these maps http://www.mountainlake.k12.mn.us/ham/aprs/path.cgi?map=na – and we watch em !)

Good DX and 73 for now /;^)


3 responses to “VHF propagation

  1. I saw your “ad” on the ISS digi tonite and thought
    I’d check it out. Pretty good site. Horizontal wire beams work good in attics too… anyway us guys up here in the northern midwest didn’t get as many ducts as you “tropo” but we had some long ones.
    I worked into em63 from en43 w/ 100 watts and a small yagi.
    Was that a FT-736R on your desk?

    Just thought I’d say howdee/

    Dave, wv9e

  2. You bet Dave… Thanks for dropping by. I saw your call in my heard-list, but don’t think my beacon with the full list made it back via ISS.
    That was some pretty good skip just a few days ago too. I made a few contacts into Dallas, Tx Sunday. Thats about 580 miles from Huntsville, using the 736’s 30 watts and a homebrew eggbeater. Yup, the FT-736 has been with me since 1988 or 89, whenever it was that AO-13 launched. I was very active on there first from Denver, than from East Tennessee in the early 90s. I was using that radio tonite with the APRS via ISS. I also use that for VO-52 when I can take the time.
    Perhaps we’ll catch another pass soon. Or maybe some more tropo. Come back anytime – feel free to drop a comment.
    73 for now /;^)

  3. Nice to find a blog on VHF Propagation. I’ve got a question about this 2011 season. I’m in DN31xm in northern Utah. The Es this year in the whole western USA has been HORRIBLE. I look at what’s been going on east of the Mississippi and it makes me sick with envy. There is consistant Es state-side plust 4 days out of 5 there has been multi-hop to Europe. Does anyone have an explanation on what’s going on? It’s particularly frustrating since I have only four states left for 6M WAS and they are all in New England. I guess I’ll stick to mowing the lawn…far less anxiety. :-)
    73, Ron Johnson K7UV, DN31xm Brigham City, Utah

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