MFJ-1278 returns to 145.010

In a brief fit of madness …
I was dusting the shelf under my old MFJ-1278 this last weekend, and wondered how long it would take to actually restore/establish that thing on 145.010, running just it’s feeble internal single-user mailbox…

hardware modem

1200 baud radio modem

Turns out it was easier than I expected (because it wasn’t broken), and after futzing around with a recycled TNC/mic cable a few times – it’s up and running .!.

So, if you are local to the Huntsville, AL area, how about give a listen for it on 145.010 and see if you can hit it. The beacon is set for every 5 minutes, as I hear nothing on this frequency. If you don’t remember the old mailbox commands, give it a “H” for help . . . It is currently running as WB5RMG-15 with about 20 watts from Madison. This is using a Hustler vertical co-linear antenna in the attic, but a better outdoor antenna placement may be in the works. One of my long-range plans is to help get the old HuntsPAC network active again, with at least a digi or two. Back in the 90’s I ran a JNOS BBS for several years, and would like to get a modern version of that running again. At least the MFJ mailbox is a presence, something to start with.

Even if you can’t get in, let me know if you can hear it.

You never know when something like this might be useful “When all else fails“.

Thanks /;^)


One response to “MFJ-1278 returns to 145.010

  1. I have a tower site on green mtn it you want to put up a digi on 145.o1 I have a digi in decatur on 145.01 w9kop-1 thanks steve

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