Did it rain ?

Hardly a fair question, of course it rained, did you notice? The real question is “How much did it rain ?”… Well in Alabama we got a lot.

composite graph

Wx Summary for 20091208

The graph says it all, but a few observations. Most obvious – the rainfall measured between midnight and midnight was just over 3 inches. And most of that was in the last 8 hours. At times the instantaneous rate measured by the instrument would represent 3 to 4 inches per hour… Thats a lot of water.!. Watching the wind blown sheets of rain you would think we were on the coast during a tropical storm. Needless to say we had lots of Flash Flood warnings and concerns in low areas. A report I saw today mentioned several evacuations and vehicle rescues that took place before midnight. The rain finally subsided in the early hours and innocently acted as tho nothing had happened. There is still a LOT of water just laying around.

Next observation is that the barometric pressure dropped below 1000 millibars for the 2nd time in as many weeks. It didn’t even get this low when the remnants of Hurricane Ida came thru last month. Fortunately, I was not afflicted with sinus and associated discomfort this time, as can often happen with such rapid changes in pressure. Anyway, you see the wind switched around just before midnite, and the barometric pressure started going back up. No surprise but it has turned cold today, so I guess winter is really here. Just as well, as December will be gone before we know it and the REAL winter weather will be upon us.

You can check my weather station for current information via the ham radio APRS network. Updated every 10 minutes, use http://aprs.fi/?call=wb5rmg (click on the link for weather graphs) – or use http://www.findu.com/cgi-bin/wxpage.cgi?call=WB5RMG for a little different presentation.

Don’t forget that this is our 2nd most active severe weather calendar – so stay weather alert ! The warmth from the Bermuda Ridge is still trying to hang on, but the cold keeps blowing in from the north, and they fight it out now and then. We have already had our first snow for this season, so it may be a little colder winter than we’ve had recently. Don’t forget the NSSTC Collaborative Weather Blog from our good friends at NOAA/NASA/UAH – for the real scoop on what’s happening around the region.
Thanks /;^)


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