Up in amongst the sky !

What a way to start the new year…!…
Cold and clear, 30 degrees with 10mph wind chill – nowhere like 60 feet off the ground to enjoy these January conditions at their best. Several of us gathered to de-install a 60 ft tower this last weekend, for a retired ham who was moving out of his old house. I took the first shift; setting the gin-pole, removing all the old antennas, feedlines, and making ready for the actual take-down. I had climbed this a few days ago, to shoot a bit of WD-40 onto the nuts and bolts. We had no problems. Steve and Jason split the remainder, taking down 3 ten foot sections each. We started at 9am, and by 4pm all was down, taken apart, and packed away. We even cut off the guy anchors. Great teamwork, Thanks everyone. /;^)

Enjoying the fresh air, and the view.


2 responses to “Up in amongst the sky !

  1. Steve – AI4QR has posted his pics :

  2. Clint – KF6AAQ has posted this video :
    [video src="http://s762.photobucket.com/albums/xx268/kf6aaq/HARC/?action=view&current=EmensTower.flv" /]

    He says the flash video is not as good as the original HD, if anyone is interested…

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