APRS tactical objects

With the recent winter weather we had some road closures. (This is old news from January, but I’m trying to clean out the draft folder)… While the 2m voice net was active helping collect and relay traffic reports on road conditions, I was trying to think of a way to use APRS to indicate where the roads were closed. Using UI-View I was able to create an object in one location, and thought I’d just move it around now and then – to sort of cover the extend of the closure (the elevated portions of I-565 and Memorial Parkway around central Huntsville). When using the http://aprs.fi web site to monitor APRS activity, the default view is to show recent tracks within the last hour – so my repositioning of the object had an interesting effect. Check this display . . . .

APRS map with object

Strange object obstructing traffic ?

An interesting side-effect tho, for those watching on a mobile display, or anyone who clicked the object for the details, saw the relative speed as determined by differencing the previous position – which sometimes showed over a hundred mph…

Anyway, the object of this posting is to show the idea/concept and open the question – ‘Is there a better way ?‘ If you have an event that is not isolated to one specific coordinate, what is a good way to represent that on the APRS system. It is not quite like a severe weather watch box, but perhaps a narrow box could be created that indicates the area of road closure… The next day as the roads were still closed – I noticed that John – K4JCH had created some objects, each with a number, that indicated the extent of the closures. In other words, one at each end of the closure, or each on-ramp… Have you tried anything like this ?

Any one else have any good ideas ?
Thanks /;^)


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