Signal Reports Please

Recently posted to a local Yahoo User Group in Alabama:

A Winlink2000 system diagram, click for the PowerPoint presentation

A Winlink2000 system diagram, click for a .PPT

I’m on the verge of moving a 2m antenna from the attic
to ‘the outside’…
(sounds of shock and awe from the community)
The considered location will not have as much height above ground,
but will be free of nearby objects
– and may actually be better (I hope).

I’m hoping to get a few reports from the community
before and after the move.
Please take a moment to listen for WB5RMG signal
on 145.010 FM (AX25 beacon), and note the date
and relative S-meter from your fixed location,
and I’ll announce here when the antenna has
been moved, and the new reading compared.

The number is not important
– even a ‘better/worse/no-diff’ will be appreciated.

This is an experimental RMS gateway
into the email system.
Check this recent presentation offered
to the local ARES/RACES group :
for some introductory/refresher information.

Try it out if you can, and let me know your results…
Thanks /;^)

# ARRL ARES Asst Emergency Coordinator
# Huntsville-Madison County, Alabama
# 146.940MHz
# wb5rmg(at)arrl(dot)net @wb5rmg


One response to “Signal Reports Please

  1. 145.010 heard (S9) in Hazel Green, Al Apr 3, 2010 @10:30 CDT.

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