WB8ELK flying this weekend

Bill Brown – WB8ELK has announced this weekend’s Amateur Radio High Altitude Balloon (ARHAB) activities.

Balloon 1

Launch around 9:15 am Saturday March 27th
for the Space Hardware Club’s balloon
from near UAH Huntsville, AL at the NSSTC building.
34.73N 86.64W

APRS on 144.39: KJ4NKE-11
APRS on 144.34: KJ4NKE-12

Balloon 2

Around 10 am, the second balloon will lift
with a Science Fair camera project:

APRS on 144.39: WB8ELK-11

DominoEX22 on 144.36 MHz FM: WB8ELK (top of each minute)
300 baud ASCII RTTY (200 hz shift) follows the DominoEX
(decode with FL-digi under “custom RTTY”
300 baud, 200 hz shift, 8N1)

Every 5 minutes the ASCII will be followed by either a CW message
or Hellscreiber mode (on the carrier freq – SSB mode).


Predicted landing zone is near Cleveland, TN

Details from some of Bill’s previous adventures, on his website http://home.hiwaay.net/~bbrown/

WB8ELK screen shot

WB8ELK home page screen shot

More comments and links to follow…


2 responses to “WB8ELK flying this weekend

  1. Bill points out that I have inadvertently used his old URL…
    When you save a bookmark /favorite for his site, please use http://www.wb8elk.com …..
    Thanks /;^)

  2. Despite gusty winds, both balloons away successfully this morning. The first has already landed east of Chattanooga TN. Chase crew en-route. Last heard, WB8ELK’s new flight transmitter was still beaconing on 144.36 with Domino22. Currently I’m recharging laptop battery, refilling belly at FiveGuys, and enjoying the free WiFi..!.. /;^)

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