Feeling lucky ?

Generally I don’t expect my luck to change much after finding a four-leaf clover. I consider luck sortof like karma… I figure the art of finding such genetic mutations more an exercise in the science of observation. It is amazing what can be found by looking. Today tho, I wasn’t really looking with any intent, but some subliminal alert caught my eye and next thing I knew I had 3 five-leaf clovers .!. I don’t recall ever finding any with five, but here were 3 of them, from the same root.

five-leaf clover

Enough good luck here to go around...

I’ll take any good luck that comes with `em tho, as we are expecting some pretty heavy weather this weekend. There should be enough luck (karma) here to share. I hope this helps somewhere.



One response to “Feeling lucky ?

  1. Warm Southern Breeze

    Pretty cool!

    I recollect once, standing around in a patch of clover such as you describe and finding several such mutant (yes, mutant) clovers. Somehow, the word “mutant” has a thud feeling to it… it just doesn’t conjure up good things in the imagination, does it?

    Anyway… that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

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