Reed-Solomon Identification

As I continue to try to catch up on some of this summer’s reading… I ran across this posting from the NBEMS email reflector. The author, Dave – W1HKJ is the central core of the development machine that has brought us NBEMS for Windows along with FLdigi, FLics, & FLmsg – a very comprehensive toolbox for amateur digital messaging. You should visit his website and try these programs, which make great use of the DSP chip in your soundcard. This snippet only provides his introduction to a page on his site. Go see for yourself how close to the ‘cutting-edge’ this hobby can get . . .
It ain’t rocket science, but pretty darn close.
Wonder if we have anything like RSID at work ? Hmmmm . . . . .

RSID discussion
Posted by: “w1hkj” w1hkj(at)
Date: Thu Jun 3, 2010 1:11 pm ((PDT))

There has been quite a bit of discussion on the linuxham yahoo group relating to RSID and why certain modes and submodes are not supported by the RSID encoder/decoder. There are both technical and historical reasons for both the size of the RSID list and what is included therein. I have posted a small technical description of what RSID is and is not here:

This paper also addresses the reasons for the size limitations associated with the number of possible supported modes using the current RSID design.

Many thanks to Patrick Lindecker, F6CTE, who is the inventor of the RSID, for sharing his work with the rest of the amateur community. The technical description draws heavily from a similar work that Patrick published for his program, Multipsk.

73, Dave, W1HKJ

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