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As expected, this year the Huntsville Hamfest is a blast. Last year a schedule conflict resulted in the hamfest having to split the vendors and the flea-market into two areas. This year they are back together where it has been before, and everyone is much happier. It appears to be a big crowd this year, and everyone says they are having a wonderful time. I won’t go into too much detail this morning, as I need to get ready to go back for more. The Huntsville Hamfest website has plenty of details of who and what all is going on.

SEDiv Convention button

SE Division Convention button

We are also hosting the ARRL’s SE Division Conference this year, and we get to meet some of the new people from Headquarters… so many hams, so much gear, so much fun . . . If you are not here – you are missing out on a great time.

AMSAT booth at HH

AMSAT booth at HH

Tim Cunningham – N8DEU and Alan Biddle – WA4SCA talking up AMSAT. We enjoyed a nearly continuous stream of visitors and their questions and stories yesterday, and are expecting more today.
I’ll have more pics later. /;^)


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