HuntsvilleHamfest 2010 – Part 2

It is hard to believe that it has almost been a month already, and I haven’t gotten these pics on-line… Rather than delay any further by trying to editorialize about the hamfest – I’ll just re-state that it was great. So, on with the pictures. I have more of course, but these are the significant ones.

Jerry here – KG4FNC was pretty proud of his custom metallic-faced HT,
and it was drawing some attention … certainly worthy of a spot on this website.

Jerry's shiny HT

KG4FNC and his shiny HT

For the last two years the AMSAT booth has been located right next to Gem Magic, and they are some good neighbors. They have some great stuff as well, and it continues to be a joy to visit with them when they get a free minute. You won’t see it in their display, but K4EWG enjoys building his own HF equipment from scratch. Both Pete and Tana are licensed Civil Engineers from Georgia. We’ll be lookin for yall next year.!.
(My daughter collects those puppy-dog necklaces.)

Gem Magic

Gem Magic = Tana & Pete

Of course Greg and Blanche came by the AMSAT booth . . .



And speaking of AMSAT, John – N5AYD joined us this year to help answer visitor questions, and to share the enthusiasm.

N5AYD @ AMSAT booth

N5AYD helps share the AMSAT excitement

The dual-frequency microwave antenna feed caught Greg’s eye too. This is a pretty specialized hunk of metal – we’ll have to get more detail from Tim….

Greg and antenna feed

W4OZK inspects microwave antenna

A few more detail shots of this wonder of precision mechanical design . . . .


front view

side 1

side view #1

side 2

side view #2

back view

back view

We also had a visitor from the North Carolina AMSAT group, Bob – KB5YZG.

KB5YZG joins in


Of course, “The Scopeman” was there Bob – KD4JRT with all things Tektronic. Ernesto – WP4Z was kind enough to let me interrupt his transaction for a photo.


Bob - The ScopeMan & WP4Z

And finally, we see Larry – NS4Q and Ben – K4QF discussing the upcoming SE VHF Society Convention (which will be hosted here in Huntsville in 2011 .!!. Keep your schedule free for April 29 & 30, and check their website for more information as the program details become available.

Larry & Ben

NS4Q & K4QF making plans

OK, that’s my on-line pics from this year’s hamfest in Huntsville. Send me a note, or drop a comment here if you’d like a higher-rez copy of any of these. I guess next I have pics from the Shelby Hamfest that are over-due…

Someday maybe I’ll get caught up.  /;^)


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