The Shelby Hamfest 2010

To many in the SouthEastern US, the Shelby Hamfest is the ‘Grand-Daddy of em all‘. When I lived in Tennessee, it was a major annual event – everyone gathered at Shelby. After moving to South Carolina and then to Huntsville – it had become difficult to schedule and to actually get there. The hamfest then moved to a new location, and was reportedly less crowded – but just as good as ever. It was time to go and check it out…
I did.  It was wonderful.  I will go back every chance I get….

My ol’VHF mountain-top buddy Mike – N4OFA invited me to camp in his campsite, I slept in my car in front of his rover-van. Such a great collection of creative genius, such a selection of new and used equipment, so many stories and tall-tales shared… If you haven’t had the chance to go to Shelby – DO IT !

at the hamfest

N4OFA, W4DEX, and K4CSO evaluating Mike's new dish.

There were frequent gatherings at Dexter’s van, under a canopy with a banner for the Southeastern VHF Society. Way too many stories and technical sessions to go into here, but click the picture for my DropBox photo gallery with more pics from this memorable hamfest. And don’t forget that the next SVHFS Conference will be here in Huntsville next spring, April 29 & 30 – 2011.

P.S. Here is the link to the gallery if you want to share it easily :
This DropBox thing is a great way to share files, and/or backup your files. The photo gallery presentation is a built-in feature, and is simple to use. I also use DropBox to automatically sync certain files between my desktop and my laptop. I even accumulate MORE free storage space when my friends follow this invitation link and join the DropBox community. Check it out…
Anymore, I use this a lot more than I expected to.

Thanks  /;^)


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