Just buzzing around

During lunch yesterday, I was watching the local APRS scene via aprs.fi
– and watched a small plane as they took a leisurely tour over part of the county.

simple flight plan

Just looking around . . .

The track was tagged with tail number N56ML, and identified as KJ4RZR.
If anyone knows Mark, tell him to send me an email; I grabbed a few screen shots like this he might like to have. I didn’t see an email address for him on QRZ.com …………. Thought it looked pretty cool. Maybe he will offer to take me for a ride like that some day. He flew right over my house at one point.


2 responses to “Just buzzing around

  1. Well, someone offered an email address for Mark, but it returned an error from the hiwaay.net mail server – ‘doesn’t accept mail’… Hmmm…
    I did find his website with some great pictures (http://www.n56ml.com/sunsets/). If anyone does come up with an email address for KJ4RZR (Mark Langford) (aka N56ML) please let me know, or ask him to send me an email via this website.
    Thanks /;^)

  2. Sending good`ol USPS hardcopy in an envelope worked, and Mark replied by email. He offered to take me for a ride in his home brew aeroplane, but suggested that we wait until warmer weather in case we had to walk home …. HI HI HI …. right.
    Film at 11 /;^)

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