New DigiVOX interface by KH6TY

Having followed Skip’s trail of development in digital communications modes from Digipan into FLdigi, I was not at all surprised to learn of this latest kit.

kit, board & circuit

KH6TY Digi VOX kit available now

P.34 of the March 2011 QST details his latest soundcard interface. You may recall the VOX interface he presented in the June 2009 QST, well this is a step beyond as this version needs NO battery or power connection. Read more in QST or on Skip’s site ( )

Get `em while they’re HOT . . .

6 responses to “New DigiVOX interface by KH6TY

  1. I built this circuit from scratch when I saw this in QST! Needless to say, I did have to do some tweaking of the 47uF cap value to 22uF to keep the hang time at 2 seconds or less. At default value it hung in Tx mode for 4 seconds, a little long even for PSK31. I interfaced it to my Kenwood TS-2000 with an 8-pin mic plug and 1/8″ RX audio plug and have yet to try it on the 15watt K2 out portable. I have an iPad 2 so this is going to be a hoot!

    If you want you can see a photo of it at Twitter: Myronschaffer

  2. This interface works great, but you may not have enough audio drive from a laptop computer. 2 volts p to p is needed. In this case you may require a small USB soundcard.
    — W2KBF —

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  4. Karl, Your right! I changed the PTT transistor from a 2n2222 to a 2n7000 and just slide by with laptop set at 7/8 full volume.

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