WB8ELK 20mHF balloon launch today

This just in via the [Balloonatics] YahooGroup …

Doing another Science Fair flight this Saturday from the NSSTC building in Huntsville AL. We also plan to do a paper airplane challenge to see just how far they REALLY go (being assembled by the Makers Local 256 group who won the Hacker’s Spaces in Space high altitude balloon competition to take the cheapest photo from Near Space last Summer)…..upwards of 100 paper airplanes will be released from the stratosphere with serial numbers on them….watch out Germany!!!….most likely they will be landing in Georgia unless we get some that achieve a million to one glide ratio.

Saturday Feb 26th at 1:30 pm CST 34.73 -86.64
WB8ELK on 14.102 MHz USB (audio will be centered around 1700 Hz) Sequence as follows starting at the top of each minute: – CW altitude – DominoEX16 – ASCII RTTY 110 baud – Hellscreiber altitude.
This is the same format that will be used in the upcoming WhiteStar Balloon trans-Atlantic flight. Important NOTE: when using dl-FLdigi to decode….please select the WB8ELK2 payload instead of the usual WB8ELK payload as I’ve added a new telemetry field.  Landing zone is south of Dalton GA.
Streaming video for this Saturday afternoon’s launch will be on the BATC: www.batc.tv – Click on Member’s Streams then select WB8ELK and hit VIEW.
– Bill WB8ELK

2 responses to “WB8ELK 20mHF balloon launch today

  1. I received it fine for a while after launch. I can still see the signal, but three’s too much qrm from the rtty contest to get an error free complete transmission

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