Madison County Tornadoes – 20110427

storm damage

Tornado Damage Wal-Triana Hwy Madison, AL

It really is
as bad as you see on the news.
Been doing NWS storm spotting since about 1976. Before we had radar.
Trained for SKYWARN in 6 different states.
Worked in plenty of disaster sites; HAZMAT, forest fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards…
Ain’t seen anything like this………… probably never.
Nearly makes me sick just drivin thru as I leave today.

I’m working as a communications operator as an agent of the Madison County Emergency Management Agency, supporting a volunteer medical clinic at ground zero in the disaster area. This helps the people most impacted by this event, in their neighborhood – as well as reducing the influx of patients at the Huntsville emergency rooms.
Here are some pics I shot last night (wed) spotting the last few storms coming thru Huntsville AL. Following these are pics from this morning (Thr) as we established the clinic in a local school cafeteria. This cafeteria also helped feed many many first responder and visiting law enforcement personnel.

We have to conserve fuel, food, & water as the entire upper 1/3 of Alabama is without electricity, and likely will be without for days possibly a week or more. My batteries are low now, so this is short.

Thanks for your support and prayers.

More later (soon I hope)      /;^)


3 responses to “Madison County Tornadoes – 20110427

  1. Alan,
    Glad you guys are ok there, wish I could be there and help out with the comm
    or whateever. Let me know whatnhas happened when you can. Thinking of you.

  2. thanks for sharing these pictures and all the work you’re doing to help in the recovery effort…your neighbors…The Nelsons

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