Madison County Tornadoes – 20110502

Not a typical Monday, May 2nd was day 5 of the recovery effort in Madison County, Alabama. Preliminary reports from the NWS suggest that all four of the tornadoes that ripped across the county last Wednesday were EF-4 tornadoes.

wb5rmg and w4ozk at Sparkman School

WB5RMG (L) and W4OZK (R) at Sparkman School

ARRL Director for the Southeastern Division,
Greg Sarratt – W4OZK stops by the ARES Information/Communications hub at the Sparkman School, to get a briefing by Alan Sieg – WB5RMG. Primarily ARES communications is supporting the field clinic operated by the North Alabama Medical Reserve Corps, but the bigger picture includes providing assistance with information distribution and logistics coordination all about the Sparkman Support Post operations. There is a steady flow of people, vehicles and supplies; including neighborhood residents, volunteers, law enforcement, and the National Guard.

Here is a link to a DropBox gallery of some of my recent pics.
Previous posts on this site have links to some earlier photos. Higher resolution pics are available by request, be sure to indicate the entire filename.

Again, thanks everyone for your continued prayers and support.  /;^)


2 responses to “Madison County Tornadoes – 20110502

  1. Thanks again for welcoming me to help out. I enjoyed working with you.

  2. Continuing update on Madison County tornado summary.
    Here is linkage to the NWS Huntsville storm survey :

    Also, here is a link to the combined storm reports for Apr 27:
    SPC Storm Reports

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