This site has crossed my radar a few times recently, and I finally got back to it with some time to look at what all is available there. The first thing I had been looking for was propagation information for VHF, particularly 6 meters. Looking deeper, I find real-time DX contact spotting on auto-refreshing maps.

QSO map by DX Sherlock, click for bigger

Multi-band composite QSO map example

This really is a lot of information on one map ..!.. Looking at each band individually helps understand what frequencies are working and to where. I also found real-time MUF maps that show Sporadic E-skip ‘hot-spots’. WoW !
Go check out the North America 6m map on http://www.vhfdx.info – I registered with the site so that I can submit contacts and contribute to the data collection. Makes another good example of crowd-sourced science. I’ll be using this more . . .
Try it, you might like it …

Thanks Gabriel (EA6VQ)this is a wonderful site. Well done sir .!.


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