Antenna Farming Gone Bad

It has been said that the only thing worse than not having antennas,
is to have em and not use emGuess I have been a bad boy……..

fancy antenna holds a hat pretty well

Inappropriate use of a UHF log-periodic antenna.

This is a cute little log-periodic antenna, given to me by a co-worker about 3 or 4 years ago – surely it can do more than hold a hat now and then. I don’t think I’ve ever connected any feedline  – surely must feel neglected.

just because they are old and need some TLC . . .

These shouldn't have to hide

I started looking around, knowing that more examples were available – like these long boom VHF yagis, hiding their shame in amongst the ladders. When you find antennas behaving badly – its not usually their fault.

don't try this at home

This mag-mount antenna doubles as a clothesline

A garage door opener can be a handy place to store mag-mount antennas, and I did use this one recently at the field clinic during our tornado response… It also works for hanging stuff in the garage to dry out. Sadly, this old Heathkit 5/8 wavelength 2m antenna is probably better than the one in use on my car.

maybe too convenient ?

Like a third hand, or a fourth even

Looking around in the garage, we can also see that I used to develop 70cm antenna designs using PVC pipe and simple copper wire. I guess I haven’t done any of that in a while either. Gotta have places to hang stuff tho while waiting ….

the last I had my tower up, was in 2004

I usually don't let it get this bad

I guess that this is not a problem unique to me, as I’m sure others have plenty of tower sections laying in the yard that just can’t seem to get planted. Antenna farming gets more difficult every year it seems. The growing seasons are shorter, it is either too hot or too cold – not enough rain, or tornados… And then – who can afford the crop insurance premiums these days. I do have a few active antennas, and some are even coming out (of the attic) to be seen in public.

Meantime, we get by as best we can. Plenty of stuff to keep busy with. Dreams of antennas and towers, someday, somewhere, somehow . . . For now I just need to keep the weeds under control, and out of sight I guess.


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