Sometimes what we find, is not what we were looking for.

I sometimes look for pictures I can’t find, as they can hide behind other pictures in a frame. Not unusual to find several prints stacked in there. I didn’t find the one I had started looking for, but ran across this one, which is kinda neat too.


Single Rope Rappelling on Slabbo

Slabbo is a granite exposure near Raleigh Peak south-west of Denver, where I used to go for camping and general rock-roping kinda fun. This is a cut-out composite from the mid-80s; and now with digital image editing, I have scrubbed the cut-lines a bit. You can click the pic for a larger image, or visit my ‘Keepers’ Gallery on DropBox for some other favorites. I’ll have to get out my old topo maps and find this again, now that I can go back via GoogleEarth.

Thanks for the memories.
Now – what was it that I was looking for in the first place . ? .


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