2014 June VHF QSO Party

This appears to be shaping up with fairly good conditions on 6 meters, but then I am still kinda new on 6. There have been plenty of times before that I didn’t hear much. For sure I am hearing a lot more now than can hear me, but I only have 100 watts, and a home brew Squalo. I have made about 40 contacts on 6 m so far. Maybe I can get a good pic of the antennas later.


Trying to be heard in Colorado.

I use the very helpful DXmap real-time updates from


sample of 50 MHz spots

And an ‘in-progress’ view of the log sheet.


I have used N3FJP loggers for years now.


3 responses to “2014 June VHF QSO Party

  1. DX Maps is great. But remember that it is considered a DX cluster aid, and is not allowed. That would disqualify all contacts and result in removal from the standings.

    • Thanks Bob – good point. I don’t know enough about the DX spotting concepts, to know how this is any advantage, I just like the map. The red lines on the map help convince me that there ‘ARE’ folks on the band, even if I can’t hear anyone. When I see a lot of lines, I keep sweeping up and down until I find someone. If there are no lines, the band is likely dead. I suppose that someone that was familiar with the whole DXcluster concept might find some advantage. Field Day is the only ‘contest’ that I participate in, on HF. Those are some fun, busy lookin maps on Field Day. I don’t know how folks find the time to enter all those contacts – it is all I can do sometimes to write down a callsign & grid… Thanks for checkin in. /;^)

  2. Enjoyed working you on the contest from WA4NZD. Your signal was weak on 6m and 2m, but we could copy you fine. That was my second time trying the VHF contest. – Gary

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