It has been too long…

Sadly, it has been just over three years since I posted anything new on this blog. Most of my life has changed since then, but I still find the urge to write stuff about my adventures. Two years ago I retired from the day job, and started indulging in a few special interest groups on Facebook – but now I am trying to reel myself back in a bit. My micro-blogging turned into nano-blogging via FB. I was interested in posting my photos there as sort-of a ‘test market’, before posting to a big site that offers printing services. You can see a sample of my photography via – click on Photos and browse thru the various Albums.

My interest in radio and antenna design is not gone, just on a back burner recently. I’m spending too much time with FB, and hope this post can help bring me back to WordPress. Subscribe, or check back soon. Thanks  /;^)

One response to “It has been too long…

  1. Welcome back. I too retired about two years ago. I used to work AO-10 & 13 with steerable crossed Yagis almost 40 years ago. Now returning to satellites and find your TPM II very interesting. I like the idea they don’t need elevation drives. Built EA4CYQ’s Egg Beater II’s and think they’re neat. 73’s for now… P.S. I don’t really have a website other than where I post my original art and photos. Later…

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