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Visio (in pixels) !!

For years I have suffered thru an absence of ‘pixel rulers’ in Visio.
I understand that a pixel is a screen concept, of different dimensions on various display screens… not going into that here. However, I frequently use Visio to construct various image files to fit into an exact space – and resort to using a 2nd program to finally scale my image file to the exact fit ( in units of pixels).

Apparently, in 2008 Noah posted on his blog ( an article describing how to deal with this. Unfortunately it was years and years later before I found it (in 2014). But I did, and it works for me, and I will use it often.

A screen shot and quick explanation from Noah :


Why it works Picas are 6 to the inch. By setting the ratio at 1:16, Visio presents a diagram at 96 picas per inch, the same as the Windows standard of 96 pixels per inch. You could set an appropriate ratio with any of the available units, but it works well with picas, and I find it useful that all units are labeled as p.

Thanks Noah ..!..  /;^)



I know I get a little behind the curve, but this was worth the climb. Over a year ago Scott – KI4SGI offered to let me experiment with one of his ‘spare’ Arduino boards (Diecimila). Every couple of months I would spot it and say – ‘Yeah, this weekend maybe…‘ Anyway, I finally downloaded the software (with drivers) and loaded the code. Currently the board is connected to this laptop, and the “Blink” demo program is running (and the LED is going on and off)… Awesome .!. Right ?

screen shot of demo program

Running the 'Blink' Demo

I’ll be back later to explore this further. For now tho, I feel I’m not as far behind as I have been in the past. I can power this little board with a wall wart (instead of the laptop USB) and that LED blinks all by itself. . . . Tomorrow the universe.
Thanks Scott !!  /;^)

Why JNOS ??

Anyone who knows me, or has read much of my blog – recognizes I have a lingering interest in an old-school method of providing basic text-messaging.
In today’s world of instant Internet and SMS at our fingertips, it is still easy for me to remember when that was a fantasy. We felt rather state-of-the-art when we could boast of inter-continental email via satellite gateways in the late 1980s, way before most folks had even heard of the Internet. And all this was via RF, and amateur radio operators who had a vision and a passion for providing such a service well before the “When All Else Fails” phrase was coined…

To me, this simple infrastructure is Continue reading

At Your Fingertip

Lotsa data, at your fingertip. This is a mouthful of a title as well :
CWSU National TAF METAR Map Displays
(of current weather observations and forecasts)
( )

weather info on one map

Lotsa Weather Data on One Map

As you mouse over each city/airport spot, a pop-up window give the current conditions. You can select specific regions or select cities, temperature plots in degrees F or C . . . Some serious screen candy for us weather freaks.

Thanks NOAA