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Help save our 70cm ham band

This is from an email from our ARRL Division Director
Greg Sarratt – W4OZK
Your prompt help to defend one of our amateur bands is urgently requested.

You may have already heard that our 440 MHz band is being attacked by a bill introduced into the US House of Representatives. In its current form, HR 607 would take away the 420-440 MHz segment that is presently allocated to Amateur Radio on a secondary basis as our 70 cm band. Along with certain other segments not allocated to Amateur Radio, the 420-440 MHz segment would become part of a spectrum “give back” involved in allocating 758-763 and 788-793 MHz for a Public Safety broadband network.

The concept of this network has merit. Everyone wants first responders to have the radio systems they need in order to protect themselves and us. However, Continue reading


Ooops, time to renew

In spite of such good intentions, time has caught up to me.
A tiny light flickered on this morning, something about renewing my FCC license. Digging back into the stack on my desk turned up the ARRL envelope from October 2010, reminding me to renew my license – which expires Feb 5, 2011.

Hmmm, that is today – guess it is time to send that back.
So, just in case anyone is wondering why I am operating on an expired license – “it’s in the mail”…

license renewal form

Time to send it in

Stay Away from WikiLeaks

Regardless of how you view the current debate over the release of Classified Documents by WikiLeaks, the fact remains that Classified Information is and will always remains the property of the US Government. Even if Classified Information becomes exposed, it has NOT become un-Classified .!.

stay away

No Classified for me; Thanks anyway.

My advice is to stay away from the WikiLeaks site, no matter how interesting and exciting it might be. Consider that by downloading Classified Information into your computer, you risk having your equipment confiscated. The Defense Security Service (DSS) has every legal authority to recover their Classified Information. Possession of stolen property would be bad enough, but you could easily lose everything else in your computer. Is it worth that risk, just to read some diplomatic gossip ? It is much safer to just read the news-press reports on what they claim to have read…..
We all trust them to tell us only the facts, right ?

Think that the threat of confiscation is just a threat only ?
Consider that Amazon apparently takes it seriously enough to un-host the controversial site. On Wednesday, notified the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee that it had stopped hosting the site.
I’m certainly not going there. I’m not even that interested in the soap-opera drama that the rumor-mill is generating.

I’m just sayin . . .

FCC updates 97.113(a)(3)

From the FCC website: “7/14/10 – FCC Issues Report and Order Amending Rules to Permit Amateur Radio Operators Who May be Employees of Participating Entities to Transmit Messages in Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Drills.“.

About this time last year, I started following this issue – which was followed by a lot of discussion. The end result is that several petitions were filed with the FCC, requesting changes in the rules. It surprised some that the FCC has responded so quickly to this, but Continue reading