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I know I get a little behind the curve, but this was worth the climb. Over a year ago Scott – KI4SGI offered to let me experiment with one of his ‘spare’ Arduino boards (Diecimila). Every couple of months I would spot it and say – ‘Yeah, this weekend maybe…‘ Anyway, I finally downloaded the software (with drivers) and loaded the code. Currently the board is connected to this laptop, and the “Blink” demo program is running (and the LED is going on and off)… Awesome .!. Right ?

screen shot of demo program

Running the 'Blink' Demo

I’ll be back later to explore this further. For now tho, I feel I’m not as far behind as I have been in the past. I can power this little board with a wall wart (instead of the laptop USB) and that LED blinks all by itself. . . . Tomorrow the universe.
Thanks Scott !!  /;^)