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Network Engineering Humor

Re: Friday Funnies . . . . (from email – surprised?)

A DHCP packet walks into a bar and asks for a beer.
Bartender says , “here, but I’ll need that back in an hour!”

An LSA Type 6 packet walks into a bar and asks the bartender for a drink.
The bartender ignores him.

An LSA Type 2 packet walks into a bar and asks for a beer.
Bartender say’s “here, but don’t leave the area with it.”

ICMP packet walks into a bar from warehouse and announces – “no more beer”

Sometimes I feel like a multicast packet.
Ask 10 different people how to get somewhere and get 10 different answers.

An RTP packet walks into a bar through the wrong entrance.
The barman says “You’re not getting any special treatment”

A multicast packet walks into a bar
and leaves by four different exits at the same time

“Knock Knock” “who’s there?”
“Denial of Service Attack” “Den…?”

A BGP Update walks into a CRS-1.
He walks back out with a corrupt optional transitive attribute.

A DNS packet walks into a liquor store – where do I find beer “ABC”?.
Clerk: aisle 4, top row on the right.

An IPv6 packet walks into a bar. Nobody talks to him.

A tcp packet walks in to a bar and says “I want a beer”,
barman says “you want a beer?” and tcp packet says “yes, a beer”

Dhcp pkt stands on a dark street and shouts “does anyone have a beer!?”
A bartender of a nearby bar says “sure come on in, let’s see the menu.
You can have this beer. Patron says “can I have this beer?”
Bartender “Aye. But I will need the glass back..er unless you still want it!

A Network Engineer tell a joke in a full bar. One man laughs.
They start talking about Vista and have a blast.

Q. How do you catch an Ether Bunny.
A. With an Ethernet!!

Q. What did the OSPF router say to the other OSPF router ?
A. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello.

Five routers walk into a bar. Who gets the car keys?
The Designated Router.

DNS is the root of all problems

IP packet with TTL=1 arrives at bar.
Bartender: “Sorry, can’t let you leave…and you don’t get any beer either…”

(apparently from :)
George Freeman
Orion Information Security