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The day Facebook went down.

Nobody knew what to do.
I’m sure millions of people had nothing to do for a while.
Someday they will look back and say “I remember exactly where I was . . .”
Some folks sent email, others woke up their blog, or a MySpace page.
Some engineers at Facebook had their hands full.
The engineers at Cloudflare keep some interesting logs of internet traffic, and generated this blog posting – for those of us who were interested in the detail.

Understanding How Facebook Disappeared from the Internet

So, life goes on – and I am learning how much the WP editor has changed over the last year or so. I plan to be back here posting a bit more regularly, soon – as they say. /;^)

Suffering from BufferBloat ?

I picked up on this story from AI4QR‘s Illruminations Blog, and expect to follow up on some of the leads presented. The actual story comes Jim Gettys investigation of congestion issues on networks that should be able to perform better than they do. Jim has posted several threads about this on his blog.

  1. excessive buffering in a network path
  2. ? what is going on ?
  3. saturated links & network neutrality
    and more (each with loads of good comments)

sample results

from DSL Report's SmokePing testing

OK, I’ll be following this – and reading more.
Also passing this around among the various network experts that i know…
Most of them are saying, Hmmm – always wondered why . . . . . . . .