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What can we change with this ?

Not sure of the original source, but I saw this on Twitter, makes good sense.

Do more than belong: participate.
Do more than care: help.
Do more than believe: practice.
Do more than forgive: forget.
Do more than dream: work.



AI4QT remembers Apollo_XI

Apollo_XI 1st US moon landing

Apollo_XI 1st US moon landing

Many of us remember the first time Apollo astronauts walked on the moon, and most of us have heard something about this being the 40th anniversary of that first flight. There are various ham radio stations around the world helping to commemorate this event, but it takes a real commitment to take on such a special event operation to help others share their memories.
Wil Robertson – AI4QT tried to gather support from a local radio club to help with this, but finds himself alone Continue reading

SomeNet announces RadioActive Blog

The temptation was too great. It is not so often that I get to post a screenshot from one of my websites that shows a screenshot from yet another of my websites, introducing this website . . .

picture of a picture ?

picture of a picture ?

Pardon my indulgence – I know it’s a little weird. You can review some of the SomeNet.NET website history and find previous WB5RMG pages on the old html-edited site http://wb5rmg.somenet.net

A new user

I have added myself as another user, as an administrator, so I can see what the dashboard looks like to an administrator that is not the owner. Interesting  – it shows my posts from both of my wordpress.com sites ..?..

This entry was created by user “somenet” rather than by “wb5rmg” … but this theme does not show the author anyway. Guess I can live without that for now.

OK, so if I find a theme that has enough tweaks to keep me happy – I’ll try one on this shared server. I am so accustomed to having root/shell and the ability to edit anything – this will be an exercise in making do. Presumably themes come and go, and new ones can be tried on like shoes until something fits and feels right.