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FB – Visited Cities map

I typically don’t partake in the variety of Applications available on Facebook, primarily because they all want access to not only your profile, but the profiles of ALL your Friends… but that is another story. But this one caught my eye as I’ve always had a thing for maps. One of my FB Friends had a map showing all the cities he has visited – and I thought that would be a fun exercise, as I have covered a lot of territory in my 50+ years. The interface is simple, and before I knew it – 4 hours had passed and my new map was showing over 600 cities.

map of Visited Cities

FaceBook App for Visited Cities

This was actually quite the adventure, almost traveling back in time to places I’ve been over the decades. Certainly invokes a flood of memories. I’ve probably got some more detail I can add, but there is no hurry. I can go back at any time and browse around on the map and it offers cities that I can click to add. Looks like there are still a few states that I have not been to – but hopefully I’ve got a few years left to hit those. I choose to NOT indicate that I’m offering advice to travelers, and hope that the sponsor of this App doesn’t spam me with requests for more information. I’ll probably turn it off it it does.