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TRON your bag

Anyone cool enough to TRON his everyday, take to work backpack… deserves a post on my blog. Alan (good thing you spelled it right..) – that’s one cool backpack.

Alan Yates with his TRONd backpack

Alan - VK2ZAY TRON'd his backpack !

If you like messin with circuits, physics, and associated geekery,
you really needta visit Alan’s website – lotsa cool stuff. I wanna make some of those – any of it… Nothin like making it look so easy.

He’s also on Twitter as http://twitter.com/vk2zay – and if that’s not enough, he’s usually already awake when I’m asleep ! I’ve added a link to his website in my BlogRoll. Go check out his video clips for more detail. Wish I had this much time to mess with stuff… Keep up the good work Alan ..!..
73 for now . . . . /;^)