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Why JNOS ??

Anyone who knows me, or has read much of my blog – recognizes I have a lingering interest in an old-school method of providing basic text-messaging.
In today’s world of instant Internet and SMS at our fingertips, it is still easy for me to remember when that was a fantasy. We felt rather state-of-the-art when we could boast of inter-continental email via satellite gateways in the late 1980s, way before most folks had even heard of the Internet. And all this was via RF, and amateur radio operators who had a vision and a passion for providing such a service well before the “When All Else Fails” phrase was coined…

To me, this simple infrastructure is Continue reading

Nixon Chapel Tailgate 2010

I’ve heard good things about this event, maybe this year I’ll get there.
Thad – WB4VHF says he is bringing a pot of chili . . .
http://mcars.us/NixonChapelTailgate2010/ for a map and more detail.

from MCARS website

from the MCARS website, click for more

area map

N.Alabama area map

Might get away, might not. See you there if I make it….

Seen any Red Balloons ?

This is not an alien invasion, but it could be……

darpa balloons

DARPA Network Challenge balloons are ready

In celebration of the Internet’s 40th anniversary, DARPA has initiated the DARPA NEtwork Challenge. All we gotta do is find these 10 red balloons – the catch is that they could be anywhere in the continental US. Our secret weapon is the internet and our ability to communicate and coordinate. One of our Amateur Radio High Altitude Balloon (ARHAB) groups has registered a team, and is actively soliciting your reports. Find out more details about the Balloonatics via Bill Brown’s website http://www.wb8elk.com. You can submit a report to the Balloonatics group by sending your report to redballoonchallenge@gmail.com … (of course you need to include Longitude and Latitude, and a photo if possible).
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Skywarn Recognition Day 2009

SKYWARN Recognition Day logos

Join us for SKYWARN Recognition Day

The Huntsville Alabama, National Weather Service Forecast Office will be participating in the 2009 SKYWARN Recognition Day. This event started by the National Weather Service and the American Radio Relay League, celebrates contributions to public safety made by volunteer SKYWARN participants.

During this event, SKYWARN operators at NWS offices around the nation make contact with amateur radio operators nationally and around the world. Contact will be attempted with as many participating NWS offices as possible via amateur radio. We will operate under our call sign – WX4HUN.

Please read the full article on their web site …

This could be a great opportunity for some of us to get to know their station better, as well as for them to get to know some of us better…

If nothing else we should all try to check in and make some contacts for them.
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