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Scanimate_Dave At Notacon8

Long before the days of digital media, the scanimate married analog video game technology with television.This year at Notacon in Cleveland, participants will enjoy a special presentation on “The Scanimate” by Dave Sieg.

Scanimate @ ZFx (photo by Gwendolyn Morton)

Scanimate_Dave in the ZFx Lab

My brother David has the only functioning Scanimate in the known universe.
He will be presenting this story at Notacon in Cleveland, OH, which is scheduled for April 14-17, 2011. The current list of speakers/presenters. Looks to be another exciting show this year…


new portrait by Gigi

David met his first Scanimate in Hollywood in 1979, and traveled to several corners of the world to keep them working. The ZFx Scanimate is the last (known) remaining such device in service, and has been featured in several special interest conferences. David has also produced and sells DVDs to document the early pioneers and history of computer animation. Dave has recently relocated the ZFx Lab to Asheville NC.

This recent portrait was captured by Gwendolyn Morton in Asheville at the ZFX Lab. Check her website : http://GwendolynMortonPhotography.com if you need any such high quality service…