Amateur Radio is more than a hobby to some, it becomes a way of life. Also known as ham-radio, these activities cover a wide spectrum of interests. Most are directly or indirectly connected with the concept of wireless communication, and as such are regulated in the US by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC). Other hams around the world are governed by similar agencies, and we all operate under the general guidance of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). To become a licensed amateur radio operator, each individual prepares for and successfully completes the requirements of their country to confirm that they can responsibly configure and operate their own radio equipment without causing interference to other services. Some licensees are allowed to design & build their own equipment. A lot more detail is available, and I’ll add links here soon.

As a quick overview of some radio-related activities that hams enjoy :

  • world-wide conversations with other hams
  • local/regional communications with friends/neighbors
  • provide communications support for public service events
  • help develop new communications tools and methods
  • self-study and mentoring electronics and radio theory

I’ll come back and add more sub-topics as I get time.