Welcome to the Alan-Sieg.FineArtAmerica Portal.

This is one of the marketplaces I have chosen to distribute some of my photographic imagery. Currently you can order photographic prints in several sizes, with paper selection and framing options. You can also order boxes of giftcards.
(update: 20141129 I have recently added several new images, from the last year or so…)

You can click on to go directly to the store,


(preview of alan-sieg.fineartamerica store)

Another site I am using is
Currently you can order sets of coasters and some refrigerator magnets, but over time this list will grow. I also want to include placemats, clocks, bumper stickers, puzzles, postcards, etc. They offer lots of products.

(preview of the store)

or you can click for a slick little scrolling preview of various products in the store. From the ZazzlePanel, you can click an item to zoom in, then click BUY – to go directly to the detail page.

(preview of the Zazzle Panel)

I’m also working on another site, to offer calendars – and the latest up is a sunset calendar for 2015. Have some new formats this year, maybe you need some for gifts. There is a link at the top of the page, or just click here.

I hope you will share these visions with your friends and family – and maybe they will want some for their friends and associates as well. Show your support for independent artistry.

Thanks  /;^)

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