This is where I am supposed to write about me…
I guess we have to have a special page for this, as most of my blog posts are about what I do or what I find interesting.

If you don’t know me by my Amateur Radio callsign – WB5RMG, you may not know me at all – as I have had this license from the FCC since 1976 and ham radio is a very significant part of my life. I typically credit my brother (David) with sparking my interest in electronics before I was a teenager. My professional career path thru the world of computer networks and RF communication has great synergy with the innovative and experimental work of ham radio.
In a nutshell, here is my bio as posted on Twitter:

AMSAT, APRS, ARES, ARRL, Cisco, Dad, Digital, EmComm, Husband, Kundalini, IA, IT, LinkedIn, NASA, RedHat, Satellites, SomeNet, TV, WireShark, WordPress, ZFx

Alan has a 'day job' as well

Alan has a 'day job' as well

For the last five years, I have been employed by COLSA Corporation as a Network Systems Analyst for NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. To find a thorough review of my professional undertakings, you can visit my Linked-In profile : http://www.linkedin.com/in/alansieg

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73 for now . . . /;^)