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This post is primarily to remind me how easy it is to post here.
Times News Roman appears to be the default font, which is fine with me. However it had a different font when I pasted the cornbread recipie from OneNote. (I don’t find where to change the font in WP)

Well, of course everything has changed since I last added an article, perhaps I should look for the “old-style” editor… That is what I was used to seeing/using.

Yes, this is almost better, they call this the “Classic Editor”. The buttons look familiar again. Thanks for including a path to my past, I just wish I could find the path more than once..
Apparently the first paragraph is the “new style” block (from a draft),
but the next two were converted to the “classic block”.
Obviously the old dog has some new tricks to learn.
Testing 1 2 3

Yes, this is almost OK, (Calibri, 11pt) (pasted from OneNote (default))

Yes, this is almost better, (Calibri, 12pt) (pasted from OneNote)

I personally don’t care so much for fonts without serifs – too much ambiguity.

Yes, this is even more better, (Times New Roman 14pt)
(pasted from OneNote) I am hoping that it will continue in this font.
So, I create my draft in OneNote, and change to this font, past it in here.
Guess we find out. Might be too big…

How about : Ariel 12 pt

How about : Ariel 11 pt


How Bout Some Cornbread ?

Almost ‘Dairy Free’ Cornbread

As several others do, my digestive system has some intolerance for dairy products.

For decades I have denied myself so many products that feel the need to include milk.
Fortunately the industry is now more diverse than it was before.
I call this _Almost “Dairy Free“_, because the main ingredient still has some trace of buttermilk.
However by replacing other items with Coconut equivalents,

this recipe produces a quality result – and I don’t need to take a Lactase Enzyme product.
(Your mileage may vary.) This is basically the recipe on the bag, but only a half batch.


Half batch (6″ cast iron skillet) – preheat oven to 450 degrees F.


1 cup of Martha White “Hot-Rise’ Buttermilk Cornbread Mix”

2 fresh eggs (bring to room temp with warm water) (use three for a full size batch)

1/2 cup Full Fat Coconut Milk (room temp)

1/8 cup Coconut Oil (this oil will congeal if added to cold eggs or milk)

1/2 teaspoon of coconut sugar

1/2 teaspoon of bacon grease


Whisk well the eggs in a bowl, adding the milk, oil and the sugar.
Add the cornbread mix stirring thoroughly.

This should be a creamy mix, not runny.
Preheat the skillet at least 5 min,

bring it out and apply the bacon fat and coat the inside walls of skillet.
Leave just a bit of oil in the bottom. Pour in the mix and into the oven with it.
Give it 20 min, and check with a toothpick. I usually shut it off

and let it coast another 5 min to give the top that lovely golden brown.
Instead of butter, I use “Earth Balance” (available at many stores, I like Soy Free).

Slice a wedge horizontally, apply ‘butter’ and salt, and enjoy while it is hot.
Hot Rise actually… I can even taste the buttermilk, but without the complications.



It has been too long…

Sadly, it has been just over three years since I posted anything new on this blog. Most of my life has changed since then, but I still find the urge to write stuff about my adventures. Two years ago I retired from the day job, and started indulging in a few special interest groups on Facebook – but now I am trying to reel myself back in a bit. My micro-blogging turned into nano-blogging via FB. I was interested in posting my photos there as sort-of a ‘test market’, before posting to a big site that offers printing services. You can see a sample of my photography via https://www.facebook.com/SomenetImagery/ – click on Photos and browse thru the various Albums.

My interest in radio and antenna design is not gone, just on a back burner recently. I’m spending too much time with FB, and hope this post can help bring me back to WordPress. Subscribe, or check back soon. Thanks  /;^)

Field Day 2015

I don’t recall exactly, when the last time was that I operated Field Day primarily from home. I haven’t had much setup at home lately, and have been involved with various club efforts for years and years. This year tho, I was “1 Dog from Alabama” – referring to the “1D” category of a home station using commercial power. I used this as an opportunity to exercise one radio with one antenna. I often have my tape measure tuned radial elements on display, but don’t get to use them much at home. I thought 40m was greatly improved. I use these on a Hustler 5BTV, with a Yaesu FT-897D. Conditions were good on 40m thru the night, worked nearly everybody that I called back to. I got good reports.
There had been some concern, that the recent solar storm might leave a mess, but I thought conditions were pretty good. I was pleased.
I worked only the 40, 20, 15, & 10 meter bands, SSB only.
I didn’t get in any hurry, didn’t even leave the house. Made about 50 contacts.


I appreciate N3FJP’s programs; n3fjp.com

I didn’t have a current version of http://n3fjp.com/fieldday.html, but a quick visit to the site, and an install – and it was registered and running. Shows me that ~40% of my contacts were on 7 MHz, but all together fairly well spread about the map. Hope everyone else had a good time as well.


52 contacts on a section map

Thanks for the QSOs…