So, in answer to some that have questioned where I have been, and what I’m doing…

The short answer is “Living“.

A longer answer includes things like : (not a complete list)

.. spending more time taking care of my own agenda.
.. spending even less time looking at headlines.
.. not spending as much time on FaceB**k.
.. we have tomatoes, zucchini, & peppers started in our small patch.
.. adjusting and cleaning up my ham radio VHF antenna stack.
      (in part to make it more “HOA friendly“)
.. further reducing an impressive collection of the trinkets of my life.
.. parsing thru hundreds of old photos, scanning a few – pitching some.
.. reviewing multiple file drawers of papers I have saved since the 70s.
.. but the list grows longer each day – so love being retired.
.. OH, not to mention re-learning the WordPress editor of the day.

20210905 (photo by Lindlea Huttar)

So, this is a start to re-activate my blog (again).
Somehow I got lulled into the micro-blogging world (FB), and got spoiled with posting a sentence or two here and there. Which is only scrolled over and lost in the timeline. I can’t find most of the things I thought I would be able to find simply by reviewing MY stuff on FB. I have downloaded a ZIP file every year recently, but that gets tedious to search thru.

Hoping to re-establish this blog as a place where I can share my thoughts, as well as have some place to go back to find things I have said, or found interesting. I expect FaceB**k to become less relevant in the future, at least in mine. I recognize the value of re-connection with folks I know, and will not abandon FB for that reason. But hopefully more and more of my “sharing” will be via this blog.
Sadly parts of this blog are way outdated, but will be refreshed.

If you have taken the trouble to read this far, and recognize that I am not likely to be posting here unless it is something meaningful; Please consider subscribing to this blog, so that you get an email when I do post something. Or even set a bookmark/favorite to check back easily.
The more folks I see looking, the more likely I will keep it current.

Thanks /;^)

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